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Why choose Open Path Tutoring?


Over the past 5 years, Open Path tutors have helped hundreds of students significantly raise test scores, improve grades, and get accepted into top universities.


Not only do we use score analyses of practice tests to tailor sessions to each student's strengths and opportunities, but we also seek to grow a sense of connection with a student to uncover sources of motivation or self-limitation. Sometimes a small shift in mindset can have a major impact on results.


Open Path tutors are experts in both the subject matter being taught and the art of tutoring itself. They are two different skillsets! We are always seeking to become more effective in both aspects.

"Just wanted to let you know my son's mood was immediately better after meeting with you, after being down for about a week and a half. I think this is going to be so great for him. Thank you again!" – Parent of Study Skills student

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In just about any academic subject, one factor can make the difference between the best class ever and the most dreaded time of day: your teacher.

The SAT® and ACT® are no different. If you don't enjoy your time with a tutor, then the process will be painful. However, if you feel connected to and respected by your tutor, then you'll be more willing to put in the work.

The only way to know is to try. That's why we offer the first session free with no purchase necessary.

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