We had a phenomenal experience with Open Path Tutoring! Danny was very responsive to all of our questions, from scheduling to logistics to content. Every step of the way was incredibly easy, and once we had the schedule set up, Danny's sessions were fantastic. My son's feedback about working with Danny includes that he is very efficient with his time while still being friendly and easy to talk to. He really liked Danny's unique system to help identify and target the areas he needed the most work on, and he really appreciated Danny's skill at helping him refresh his knowledge in those areas.

His favorite part of working with Danny was how encouraging and supportive Danny was, every step of the way. I can vouch for this encouragement because Danny checked in both before his SAT tests with great advice about how to manage the night before and day of testing, and also after the tests to hear how my son felt about his test. From start to finish, Danny and Open Path Tutoring exceeded all of our expectations and my only regret was that we didn't start working with him much earlier in the process so we could have had more time with him!

– Wendy S, parent of SAT Prep student

Danny is fantastic – he is very able to understand my son's strengths, and then focus on areas for development. He has a calm and patient way that makes tutoring something my son doesn’t dread! He’s very in-tune with my son's interests, and uses that as a basis for the learning as much as possible. This helps my son stay engaged and interested because he feels understood, and can relate to the material. 10/10 would recommend Open Path Tutoring.

– Alyssa Z, parent of SAT Prep student

After scoring a 1270 on my PSAT, I was so excited to start at 1400 on my first practice test with Danny. I am thrilled to have achieved my dream score of 1500 and I couldn't have done it without his guidance and support. The diagnostic tests helped to quickly recognise my strengths and weaknesses. This way we were able to focus on what I needed to work on, which boosted my confidence. I really appreciate Danny's patience and expertise.

– Ava S, SAT Prep student

Danny tutored my daughter for her SAT and she scored a 1500 on the test. She was admitted to Northwestern University, Brown University, and Boston University, just to mention a few. Danny is such an awesome tutor and he has a way of bringing out the best in his students. I have referred many of my friends to him and they all have great things to say about their children’s experience with Danny. I highly recommend Danny to anyone that is looking for a tutoring service for their children. You can thank me later after using his services! Thank you so much for your help, Danny!

– Ola A, parent of SAT Prep student

With Danny’s help as my tutor for the SAT, I was able to achieve a 1460 on my first attempt. I contacted him again because I wanted to improve my score and on my second attempt I was able to achieve a score of 1500.

In addition to helping with my success on the traditional SAT, my work with Danny provided me with the framework needed to excel on the PSAT as a Junior. I attribute my time with Danny as a crucial factor that allowed me to become a National Merit Scholar. As a freshman at the University of Florida with aspirations for medical school, I am still reaping the numerous benefits provided to me – in terms of scholarships and opportunities – thanks to my time working with him. I am extremely grateful that I was able to have Danny as my tutor.

– Olusegun S, SAT Prep student

My son needed to take the ACT early because he was going through the college athletic recruiting process. He sometimes has difficulty with standardized tests - and does not enjoy studying or test preparations. Danny made the tutoring sessions fun and interesting. My son achieved an ACT score strong enough for the most selective schools in the country. Danny did an incredible job and my son is heading to USC this Fall.

– John R, parent of ACT Prep student

Danny was recommended to me by a friend whose children and sister’s children had been tutored by him for the SAT. I contacted him because the students he tutored all got great scores. Danny then tutored my daughter and some of my friend’s children. We could all not believe how his tutoring improved their scores in the SAT exams.

We are so thankful for his hard work in making sure the children did exceptionally well. He cares for his students and makes the exam approachable for them without fear but confidence. I will recommend his tutoring service for anyone who wants the best for their children. He is not only a teacher to us now, but has become a friend. Thank you Danny, I know many will benefit greatly from your service.

– Bisi A, parent of SAT Prep student

Danny tutored me in preparation for the SAT my junior year of high school and I only have great things to say about him. He was always patient and prepared, providing helpful tools and amazing guidance. His services were also very thorough. I went on to use the SAT test-taking skills he taught not only on the SAT and ACT but also at the University of Pittsburgh. I’m very confident that you will be happy working with him!

– Tosin B, SAT Prep student

I could not have asked for a better tutor than Danny for my SAT. With his help, I was able to score a SAT score in the 99th percentile. Through his effective ways of teaching and explaining the material, I was able to easily learn and retain the information. Thanks to Danny I was way more prepared for the exam compared to my peers and, I would not hesitate to ask him to be my tutor if I ever need help with something again.

– Timi S, SAT Prep student

I’m so thankful that I was able to learn from Danny. He prepared me for the SATs and gave me confidence in my own ability. His methods are really unique and he was always there to provide support. I would 100% recommend Danny to anyone who wants to improve their score and do well on their SATs. Before I came to him I didn’t really know how to approach any of the questions but he showed me little tricks and methods to ensure I did well.

– Mowa A, SAT Prep student

Danny is an engaging and patient teacher who is insightful and thoughtful. He takes the time to get to know his students so he can really understand their needs and personalities. He has helped my daughter achieve a strong SAT score - and I’ve noticed her grammar and writing skills in everyday life have improved greatly, too. I highly recommend Danny.

– Sally M, parent of SAT Prep student

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